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Engineering, Consulting, and Inventions.  

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Our Prices
can start as low as $30 per hour for simple tasks. View our contact page for more details.

Our Work
has been featured in science museums, exhibit houses, on television, and even at the Burning Man Project.

  Frequently Asked Questions  

How do you keep your prices so low? 

Our overhead is uniquely low due to the live/work nature of our main facility. Our associate consultants are all freelancers who can be assembled on an ad-hoc basis to take on any project. 

How long are your assignments?

We have part-time projects that have lasted several years. We can also work full-time on projects for shorter periods, typically weeks to months.  

What are your design and engineering strengths?

Ultra-low-level analog, biomedical instrumentation, user interface design, sound and lighting, interactivity driven by people sensors and sensory beams, voice-interactive systems, alternative energy systems, and class II building control systems are among a few of our strengths.

Where do you work?

We will work in your facility as necessary to gather data and communicate results. Most work is typically done at our main facility in Milwaukee.


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