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Our Prices
can start as low as $30 per hour for simple tasks. View our contact page for more details.

Our Work
has been featured in science museums, exhibit houses, on television, and even at the Burning Man Project.

  Our Story  

WellLife Resources, LLC was incorporated in 2002 as a vehicle for the engineering consulting and invention activities of managing partner Eric B. Griswold (see resume)

We have completed dozens of projects in areas as diverse as electric vehicle design, biomedical device development, alternative energy, and sociological research. 

In 2006 we began assembling a core team to spin off and market certain inventions we had developed over the years. In 2007 and 2008 we were Phase 1 winners in the WI Governor's Business Plan Contest, placing in the top 50 out of 250 contestants statewide. 

Our core invention development team now includes: 

--Eric B. Griswold, CEO/Managing Partner
Background in engineering, art, design, analytic philosophy, media production, and project management.
Handles overall project coordination, product ideation, user experience design, programming, and manufacturing and quality systems.

--Steven Daniels, VP Manufacturing/Partner
Background in industrial design and civic administration..
Handles materials and techniques, prototypes, mechanical design, and metal fabrication. 

--Michael Hero, PhD, VP Marketing/Partner
Background in mathematics, teaching, sales and marketing, statistics.
Handles customer sales, market research, and statistical analysis.

--Katherine Brusky, VP Finance/Partner
Background in nursing, psychology, and grant writing
Handles finances, scheduling of deliverables, and monitoring funds burn rate.

Qualified angel investors can view our original invention ideas for which we seek funding at http://www.wisconsinangelnetwork.com/login/ . Our business model is simple. We take an advanced idea already demonstrated through the proof of concept stage, add the required manufacturing documentation and market research to make it easily producable, and sell it as a turnkey product to a major firm.

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