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Our Prices
can start as low as $30 per hour for simple tasks. View our contact page for more details.

Our Work
has been featured in science museums, exhibit houses, on television, and even at the Burning Man Project.


"Research is to see what everybody else has seen and think what nobody else has thought"

--A. Szent-Gyorgyi

Research is not simply uncovering masses of facts,  it is also fitting those facts into a coherent picture and thereby synthesizing  new knowledge. A few research projects we have worked on include:

bulletDeveloped world's first membrane-based inter esophageal and inter myocardial pH probes.
bulletResearch into ultra-low signal recovery from transdermal and intravenous ion sensors.
bulletDeveloped custom statistics package correlating clinical data from 600+ human neonates. Results used in FDA submissions.
bulletOriginal research into acoustics, psychoacoustics, and signal detection to develop unique patented sonic motion detector.
bulletExtensive research into cognitive psychology to create user interface design models.
bulletSociological research for longitudinal study investigating cognitive benefits of nature preschooling paradigm. 
bulletResearch to create over 40 exhibits for science museums.
bulletResearch and development of home based medical telemetry system.
bulletCo-holder of U.S. patent  # 6,171,277: "Remote Health Monitoring System."
bulletNamed as co-researcher on NIH-funded grant studying telemonitoring of hypertension in African-American males.
bulletResearch into energy storage, regenerative braking, and motor controllers for unique personal electric vehicle. 

WellLife Resources can perform rapid literature and internet searches to validate new product concepts. We can assist with your pure or applied research. Let us distill and process your data into new and useful knowledge. 

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