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Our Prices
can start as low as $30 per hour for simple tasks. View our contact page for more details.

Our Work
has been featured in science museums, exhibit houses, on television, and even at the Burning Man Project.


"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious"

--A. Einstein

WellLife can help you add tantalizing human-like interactivity, speech, and apparent intelligence to otherwise static exhibits. We specialize in embedded solid-state computers, people-sensors that respond to stance and gesture, and ultra-high reliability design that operates under any conceivable patterns of use.

One Example:

"Corn Woman" was commissioned by the Burning Man Project 2007 for inclusion in the ManGrove.  Roto-cast from polyurethane, it depicts a represents a hypothetical corn-human hybrid.


A variety of sensors detect the approach and orientation of visitors, driving a complex speech interaction in a natural-sounding voice.. Animated, projected lips give an eerily lifelike effect.

It discourses on genetic engineering and it's own fate with it's visitors, combining phrase fragments to yield 16,384 possible paths through the phrase-space. Each interaction lasts about 20 seconds or until the visitor retreats.

Built around a sturdy steel core, it was designed to withstand 70 Mph winds, dust, precipitation, temperature extremes, and constant use by thousands of visitors a day. It is now on permanent display at the BurningSNOW Center for Experimental Arts.

Corn Woman was designed, executed, and installed by a team of  WellLife associates including an industrial designer, a programmer/interface designer, a sculptor/mathematician, and a painter/sempstess. Other associates assisted in critical parts sourcing, casting, assembly, and user testing.


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