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Our Prices
can start as low as $30 per hour for simple tasks. View our contact page for more details.

Our Work
has been featured in science museums, exhibit houses, on television, and even at the Burning Man Project.


"Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been "

--A. Einstein

Our engineering services add value by increasing product usability and functionality; reducing complexity and parts count; and decreasing cost of manufacture. 

We provide electronic circuit design, PCB layout, packaging, prototyping, programming, biomedical device development, testing, technical writing, verification and validation, FMEA, hazard analysis, exhibit design, interface design, manufacturing process design, and many other services.  

A few accomplishments:  
bulletCircuit design for FDA approved, multiparameter Home Health Monitor.
bulletManufacturing and quality documentation for biomedical company.
bulletDeveloped world's first polymer-based esophageal pH electrode. 
bulletPatented sonic motion detector giving building-wide security coverage. 
bulletPrototype personal electric vehicle with 30-mile range.
bulletStatistics package analyzing data from 600+ neonatal patients.
bulletBio-compatible implantable pressure transducer for Milwaukee heart project.  
bulletElectronics for over 40 science exhibits in children's museums.
bulletSimulated Intelligent Agents offering two-way verbal interaction to users.
bulletAdvanced browser-based clinical telemonitoring prototype.
bulletReverse engineering services and repair of obsolete devices.

We can apply our unique insights and creativity to any project where you need that extra edge.

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